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    Course Information

Lost Springs Golf & Athletic Club was established in June of 1992. Originally a family farm, this piece of land would be Lyndy Lindsey’s first attempt at golf course design. It is evident that he found his calling. Lost springs has been the site of numerous mini-tour events and is famous for its firm fast greens and tree lined fairways. The original vision of the designer is enjoyed by all who take to the fairways at this Northwest Arkansas gem. The course is championship quality from start to finish and the staff is second to none.

Contact us today to find out more about our incredible golf offerings at this exceptional Lindsey golf course we call Lost Springs.

World Class Amenities

The Lost Springs Golf & Athletic Club offers an array of amenities to suit all your social and family needs. From “Affordable Championship Golf” and practice facilities to tennis and swimming, we have all you need for fitness and fun.  Our beautiful clubhouse includes men’s and ladies’ locker rooms, a pro shop, state-of-the-art fitness facility and casual grill dining options.

  • 18-Hole Championship Course designed by Lyndy Lindsey on approximately 165 acres with Bentgrass Greens and Bermuda Fairways, Tees and Roughs
  • 4 adult tee boxes and 2 junior tee boxes offering challenge and pleasure to golfers of all ability levels
  • Driving range and short game practice area
  • Clubhouse filled with fabulous amenities designed for your lifestyle
  • Grill for hot sandwiches and soft drinks
  • Fully stocked pro shop for clothing and equipment needs• Fitness center with cardio and weight training equipment
  • Tanning Bed
  • Men’s & Ladies locker rooms/showers
  • Jr Olympic & Wading swimming pools

Tees Total Yardage Course Rating/Slope

Blue: 6979 73.0 / 136

White: 6303 M-70.5 -131 L-77.4-144

Gold: 5446 M-66.5 – 123 L-72.6-133

Red: 4744 68.6 / 125

Course Tour

  • Hole #1

    Par 5 | Yardage: 620
    A long straight away hole, with a generous fairway. Generally plays down wind, making it reachable for the longer hitters. A three-tiered green is guarded on the right and left by bunkers.
  • Hole #2

    Par 3 | Yardage: 235
    Longest Par 3 on course. The green is pretty generous with the back left portion guarded by a bunker. Par is a good score on this hole.
  • Hole #3

    Par 5 | Yardage: 556
    Normally plays into wind, making it hard to reach in two. OB guards the whole left side and trees border the right and a pond borders the left side of layup area making 2nd shot a premium. Green is sloped from back to front and guarded by bunkers on the right and left.
  • Hole #4

    Par 4 | Yardage: 420
    OB borders the left side of hole and large mounds and trees protect the right. The green is narrow and long and guarded in front by a large pond. 2nd shot must be accurate as bunkers safeguard the green left & right.
  • Hole #5

    Par 4 | Yardage: 408
    A straight away with trees on the left and mounds on the right of the fairway. A good drive leaves a mid to short iron to a green that slopes from back to front. Staying below the hole leaves a good putt for birdie.
  • Hole #6

    Par 3 | Yardage: 170
    The signature hole at Lost Springs—a replica of hole #12 at Augusta National. The green , only 15 yards from front to back, is guarded in front by a pond and bunker. The green slopes from right to left.
  • Hole #7

    Par 4 | Yardage: 370
    A straight away hole with OB bordering the left and trees on the right. A good drive leaves a short iron to a relatively flat green. Birdies are not uncommon on this hole.
  • Hole #8

    Par 3 | Yardage: 170
    A two-tiered green is guarded in front by a large pond and a bunker. Large bunkers also protect the left and back side. The tee shot must find the tier with the pin or otherwise a tough two-putt is in order.
  • Hole #9

    Par 5 | Yardage: 570
    A dogleg that includes OB and a pond guarding the left side of the fairway. Longer hitters can reach the hole in two. The green is guarded in front, left & right by bunkers. The green slopes from back to front.
  • Hole #10

    Par 4 | Yardage: 418
    A tough hole with a slight dogleg right, with 2nd shot slightly uphill and usually into the wind. Green is very narrow with 3 tiers. A small bunker guards left side of green. Making par on this hole keeps you coming back.

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  • Hole #11

    Par 3 | Yardage: 200
    An intimidating par 3 over water with shots to the right finding it. The green slopes hard from back to front.
  • Hole #12

    Par 5 | Yardage: 520
    A short Par 5 with OB bordering the entire left side. Three bunkers guard the landing area on the right and 2nd shot must clear bunker 30 yards short of the two-tiered green with a large bunker on right.
  • Hole #13

    Par 3 | Yardage: 218
    A slightly downhill hole with a relatively small green with a right bunker. A good hole to Par.
  • Hole #14

    Par 5 | Yardage: 513
    An uphill hole with fairway bunkers on the left and right guarding the tee shot. Longer hitters can set up a reachable approach shot. A two-tiered green slopes back to front. OB left. Good birdie hole.
  • Hole #15

    Par 4 | Yardage: 350
    A hole of many options. Longer hitters can drive the green, but trees down left and right make an errant drive a hard par. Shorter hitters can hit irons leaving a short iron to the green. Narrow green is small target.
  • Hole #16

    Par 4 | Yardage: 405
    This straight away hole is guarded by bunkers on the left and large mounds on the right. The green has small ponds to the left and bunkers to the right and behind. Plays longer than yardage due to wind.
  • Hole #17

    Par 4 | Yardage: 456
    A long par four that doglegs to the right and is bordered on the right by a large pond. Long hitters can clear the pond leaving a short iron the green. Shorter hitters must stay left of the pond and The Bailey Tree in the middle of the fairway. 2nd shot is uphill to a bunker-guarded green in front. Green is fairly flat. Par is a really good score.
  • Hole #18

    Par 4 | Yardage: 380
    A short dogleg right with the fairway bordered on the right by three bunkers. 2nd shot is a premium as narrow green is guarded in front by four pot bunkers. Green sits in middle of large pond that catches right, left or long shots. A great finishing shot. Par is good, birdies are rare, bogies are not uncommon.Second shot to a small green plays best from left side of fairway. Favor left side of green to avoid right trap.

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